SLEEP's potential is immense. Everyone on this planet needs to sleep, so why not earn some cash while you are asleep? But of course, not everyone is into crypto/DeFi. For this reason, we are zooming into the decentralized finance space and the latest trend of MOVE2EARN in particular.
Combined, SLEEP is targeting a combination of 3 Multibillion global markets: Sleeping, video games, and decentralized finance.


There currently is a World population of 8 Billion people who all have to sleep. However, to use SLEEP you need a mobile phone. 5,32 billion people in the World own a mobile device.

Video games

Over 3 billion people of the World's inhabitants play video games (over 40%).

Decentralized finance

Over 4.4 million non-custodial wallets have been created with a total marketcap of $110 billion in the decentralized finance market.